Tuesday, October 03, 2006

A Few Columns for Your Tuesday Afternoon/Evening Reading

Well, the site crapped out on me earlier and I lost everything that I was working on. So, you all are getting a condensed version:

Paul Finebaum with the Mobile Register writes a hilarious article about Mike Shula's postgame comments following the Florida game and other issues surrounding Alabama football. Perhaps the funniest quote is about Ole Miss - "a team so inept offensively it would have trouble scoring on New Year's Eve on Bourbon Street." His prediction of Jimmy Johns' punishment for his best impersonation of Zinedine Zidane is priceless as well.

After South Carolina's loss to Auburn on Thursday night, the Gamecock fans gave their team a warm ovation. This did not sit well with the 'Ol Ball Coach as Steve Spurrier asked the Gamecock fans "Please don't clap when we come close. I think it sends the wrong message. Our guys thought we'd done something pretty good, when in essence we didn't do anything but let a game get away that we were in a position to win." Ray Melick of the Birmingham News uses this quote to examine how 6 teams, and potentially 7 if you include Arkansas, in the SEC will not take anything but victories - close doesn't cut it. However, I'm beginning to feel that Mike Shula and the Bama nation are becoming quite good at accepting moral victories.

Mike Huguenin puts this past weekend's events into a short and sweet column. I guess I'm showing him some love since we have a very similar view on the Buckeyes.

Tony Barnhart with the Atlanta Journal Constitution offers his handicap of the national title race.

Sticking with the AJC, Mark Bradley examines Georgia's offensive woes and predicts an 8-4 record for the Bulldogs if the offense doesn't get into gear. In a related note, the AJC is reporting that Joe Tereshinski will start versus Tennessee on Saturday night.

Scott Rabalais with the Baton Rouge Advocate wonders if LSU's poundings of the blind little sisters really help the team? He also looks into Les Miles' desire for LSU to run the football. Just a word of advice Lester - don't try to pound the ball against Florida like you did at Auburn. Let JaMarcus' arm and your huge receivers carry your team the rest of the way.

Finally, as a side note, if any of these sites require you to register to view the stories (yes, it greatly pisses me off too), check out bugmenot.com. This site provides you with login names and passwords for a ton of newspaper sites so you can avoid registering. Apparently, registering pisses of more folks than just you or I.


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