Friday, August 11, 2006

Clarett's Friend

I'm sure most have read Tom Friend's piece on ESPN about Maurice Clarett by now. I was shocked not that I didn't make Clarett's calling list, but by Friend's inference that Clarett was going to "protect his baby girl."

Total absurdity. Plain and simple, Maurice is a thug. He had the world in front of him as a Freshman at Ohio State and blew it. He has since been given chances, but chose to spend his time hanging with rappers and the Goose. And after previous run-ins with the law, he evades the law when pulled over only to be found better equipped and armed than a Hezbollah soldier. If his "baby girl" was in danger, wouldn't a simple call to the authorities been a better solution?? While his story is sad (I would love to still be watching him carry the football so brilliantly as he did in his one year in Columbus), he is far from a victim. My hope is that Ohio State and the college football world can lay the Clarett saga to rest and focus on all things that make the game great.


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