Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Monday Morning Look Back (Just a tad late)

Sorry that this post is late, but I just caught my breath from the Auburn - LSU game. On that note, I picked a hell of a game to make my trip to Auburn this year. These two teams have built quite the rivalry with some amazingly close games in what has clearly become the most important game in the West. Thanks go to D. Kendrick, A. Lorimer, and the rest of their crew for throwing a one hell of a tailgate. On to my thoughts (and they are random with no links):
  • Auburn and LSU have the two fastest defenses that I have ever watched in person. LSU's also comes with size.
  • JaMarcus Russell has an absolute cannon for an arm, but too bad we only got to see him heave the ball once.
  • Kody Bliss can punt the ever living shit out of a football.
  • Glenn Dorsey is a man-child. He made a living in Auburn's backfield.
  • Hello, John Chavis....were you the only person in America that didn't know what was going to happen when Tim Tebow came into the game.
  • Florida's defense simply crushed Tennessee in a game that Florida dominated much more than the score indicates.
  • Is Georgia any good? They have yet to play anyone of note, but have absolutely crushed everyone.
  • Ole Miss is absolutely horrible. The school is looking dumb for canning Cutcliffe and hiring Coach O.
  • Mississippi State is beyond horrible. Can they cancel the remainder of their football season? Losing to Tulane is a disgrace to the school and the conference. But, hey, at least they found the end zone.
  • The Egg Bowl very well could live up to its name this year - the loser finishes its SEC season with an egg (0 - 8) for its record.
  • Yea, Alabama! You beat La-Monroe and Shula suspended "Mari"Juwan Simpson. You guys are back. Shula is turning this storied program into a complete joke.
  • I'm beginning to question Steve Spurrier's coaching abilities. He won with extremely talented teams at Florida, but has since struggled in the NFL and the jury is still out in South Carolina. Maybe they are already in serious prep mode for Auburn?
  • close, but they come up just short. Seems familiar.
  • Arkansas still has a lot of improvement before they are ready to compete in the SEC.
  • After this past weekend's schedule, how awful does this weekend's schedule look?
  • Chuck Amato's seat is now flaming.
  • Remember me saying that Louisville and VA Tech were must win games for Larry Coker? Uh-oh. Contrary to what the administration at Miami is saying, his seat is smoking and will catch flames like Amato's should the Canes loose to VA Tech.
  • Who will Miami court.... Tommy Tuberville? Butch Davis?
  • Bob Stoops needs to quit his whining. Had his team kept Oregon from scoring or made its last field goal attempt, the poor officiating would be a non-issue.
  • Just how did the replay guy in the Oregon - OU game blow that call?
  • Just what was Army thinking running the ball against A&M with no timeouts and less than 10 seconds left? Dennis Franchione owes Army a thank you because smoke was beginning to rise from his seat.
  • How about the SEC having 4 teams in the Top 11 in Total Defense? And we play offense too; just ask CAL, Arizona, Washington State, and a host of other teams.
  • It's highly possible that Miami and Florida State finish outside the Top 25 this year.
  • Is there a stranger program and coaching situation than at Clemson? These guys win some huge games, loose quite a few games by a few points, their coach gets on the hot seat, and then they go back to winning some huge games. Tommy Bowden is the Steve Lavin of college football.
  • And last, but far from least, WAR DAMN MICHIGAN WOLVERINES.
On a non-football related note, I saw Little Miss Sunshine with my mother on Monday. I highly recommend the movie - it is freaking hilarious.


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