Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Travelling & Football's Tonya Harding

I have a 7AM flight to Memphis, so blogging will not be taking place tomorrow morning. On Friday, I'm off to Auburn with my old man for our first father - son football trip to Auburn in 13 years. I'll try to post some things tomorrow, because I will definitely not be posting again until Monday at the earliest. No promises for tomorrow.

Just what exactly was Mitch Cozad thinking? In an unbelievable story, Mitch Cozad, the back-up kicker at Northern Colorado, stabbed Rafael Mendoza in the leg, similar to Tonya Harding staging an attack of Nancy Kerrigan. The big difference here is that Mitch himself attempted to pull off the stunt when Tonya hired a hit-man. I can only imagine the team unity for the Northern Colorado Bears. I wonder if the starters on the team are constantly looking over their shoulders these days? Here is what the AD and Head Coach had to say on the situation.


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