Monday, September 11, 2006

Monday Morning Look Back

It's crazy to think that 5 years ago today this country was under attack. The coverage of the events 5 years later still fills me with anger. While life is back to normal for a majority of Americans, things are still different today and even affect college football with longer lines entering stadiums thanks to mandatory bag checks (although these bag checks are still useless in my opinion). On to my thoughts from college football this past weekend:

  • Stop Auburn's running game, and Brandon Cox appears to look capable of beating you.
  • Auburn needs some receivers other than Courtney Taylor and Rodgerigus Smith to step up.
  • Auburn's linebackers are awfully small and I think teams will be able to pound the ball between the tackles on Auburn.
  • Mississippi State's offense is painful on the eyes.
  • Good thing Alabama opened up with patsies this year - they are struggling and do not look impressive.
  • Vanderbilt appears to have found its usual groove - play teams tough, but come up short.
  • South Carolina's offense is just several steps ahead of Mississippi State's offense.
  • UGA has talent, but is the 3rd best team in the East behind Florida and Tennessee.
  • Is Joe Tereshinski's sprained ankle bad enough to keep him out of action for 4 to 6 weeks or is this a ploy by Mark Richt to avoid a quarterback controversy. I highly doubt it's a ploy.
  • Florida again looked solid against lesser competition.
  • Chris Leak is playing the part of a senior quarterback.
  • UT, although they were on the brink of defeat to Air Force, are still a solid football team. Air Force was a sandwich game and their offense can create problems as it did.
  • While UT is one of the top 2 teams in the East (we will learn who the top is this weekend), injuries have handicapped the Vols.
  • LSU continues to be my favorite in the West. JaMarcus Russell is a stud.
  • LSU's defense looks lightening fast.
  • Ole Miss is still a bottom feeder in the SEC. While they showed signs of life against Memphis, they looked terrible on Saturday against better, but nor great competition.
  • As predicted, Brent Schaeffer is struggling to produce offense.
  • Arkansas' struggles continue and it all starts with the quarterback play as predicted in the preseason.
  • Arkansas' rushing game was great against Utah State, but will be shut down by SEC teams that force their quarterbacks to beat them with their arms.
  • Kentucky notched a win, granted it was against Texas State.
  • I made an excellent decision Saturday night - the Bonnie Raitt and Keb' Mo' concert was phenomenal, and the Ohio State - Texas game appears to not have lived up to expectations.
  • I only watched the 1st quarter of the OSU - UT game, but OSU looks very good. Troy Smith looks very impressive.
  • What's going on at Florida State? - maybe it's finally time for Papa Bowden to walk away.
  • Notre Dame - Penn State game was not entertaining to watch unless you're a fan of the Irish. I'm still not sold on the Irish.
  • Chuck Amato will be looking for a new gig when the year is over along with Houston Nutt and Rich Brooks. The folks at the M Zone have started the "Official Chuck Amato Watch."
  • New year and same story - Clemson suffers an early loss in a game that they clearly should have won. If Tommy Bowden isn't careful, he could be joining the list of coaches above.
  • How about Iowa's goal line stand? The best goal line stand I have ever witnessed.
  • Is it Saturday yet? I am making my annual pilgrimage back to Auburn and the schedule this upcoming weekend is sick:
    • LSU at Auburn
    • Michigan at Notre Dame
    • Florida at Tennessee
    • Nebraska at USC
    • Clemson at Florida State
    • Miami at Louisville
    • Oklahoma at Oregon


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