Friday, September 08, 2006

Last Night's Football Choices

I must admit - I watched the Steelers-Dolphins game instead of the Boise State-Oregon State game.

I am a huge college football fan, but I am kind of tired of Boise State at this point. They are a solid mid-major program and that is all they are. The "Blue Turf" was interesting at first, but that has now faded and the field is quite terrible. All-in-all, I think Boise State is quite "bush league." They have an impressive home winning streak, yet they beat no one worth a damn in my opinion. Yea, Oregon State is in the PAC-10, but they are a bottom tier team in a bottom tier conference. The Big East with Louisville and West Virginia appears to have more fire power than the PAC-10 this year. Boise State attempted to play a top-tier SEC program and got absolutely trounced. If these guys find their way to a BCS bowl, the BCS will be letting down college football fans in a huge way.

Speaking of last nights' games, did anyone catch the picture of Charlie Batch's mother, Lynn Settles? Here hair is a thing of beauty. This is the best photo that I could find - trust me, it doesn't do her justice.


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