Thursday, September 07, 2006

Early Heisman Hype

Yes, the season is one game behind us and websites and television shows are already dissecting the Heisman Trophy race. Bill Sanders with the Atlanta Journal Constitution writes on Kenny Irons' merits as a Heisman candidate after week 1.

Kenny had a great game against Washington State - but we all know that defense is not a strong suite of the PAC-10. Actually, is anything a strong suite of the PAC-10 when you look beyond USC? It will be interesting to see how well he does versus a stingy defense in Mississippi State this weekend and then in a national television showdown with LSU in a little over a week. My senses are that if Kenny has big games the next two weekends (especially against LSU with many eyes across the nation watching), he will have a very legitimate shot at a Heisman run and the Heisman hype surrounding him will become more reality than hype.


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