Monday, September 04, 2006

Edgerrin James Interview (Miami - FSU)

I will have my weekend recap posted tomorrow....

I'd plan to take the long weekend off, but decided to quickly post at half of this game. First off, if it was possible for two teams to loose the same game, the Miami - FSU game would get my vote.

Holly Rowe's interview with Edgerrin James during the 2nd quarter was priceless. When asked if Miami had lost its swagger, Edgerrin answers that Miami just always has to replace great players that move on to the NFL. Edgerrin continued to elaborate stating that everybody knows that guys only come to Miami to play for three years and then move on to the league. I'm sure the private school administration is thrilled with Edgerrin's analysis of the football program. I'm hoping the interview finds its way to You Tube.

Isn't sad that this game isn't a sellout? Hard to put it too high on a rivalry list when you can't even sell out your stadium.


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