Monday, August 28, 2006

Rabid Doesn't Begin To Describe Auburn Fans

As an Auburn fan, Brandon Fincher's piece, "Rabid doesn't begin to describe Auburn fans," brings a smile to my face. To quote Mr. Fincher, "A fair warning to Washington State fans who may think the Cougars’ upcoming visit to Auburn will be similar to treks over the years to Notre Dame, Ohio State and Tennessee. While certainly humid hotbeds of football-crazed fans, a strong case can be made that the spectacles in those venues are distant runners-up to what goes on in east-central Alabama." Take Fincher's piece for what it's worth, realizing that the column is written by aPACc-10 man - I've been to high school games and games in Oxford, MS that are "more rabid" thanPACc-10 games, SC and Oregon included.

Comparing to another big name program, according to the folks at the M Zone, apparently things don't get too rabid in Ann Arbor either, unless you consider the key jingle rabid. And according to their site, the "key jingle" is a common practice at other college stadiums around the country.

With game week finally here, is there really any better atmosphere from top to bottom of a conference in the nation outside of the SEC?


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