Thursday, August 24, 2006

SEC Predictions

Things have been crazy at the office this week, so there has been very little time to find any articles with much substance. Needless to say, I am anticipating the start of the college season like a kid two weeks away from Christmas. To make up for my lack of time reading columns and articles, I thought I would post my predictions for the SEC below - not quite sure why I am doing this, could be a recipe for disaster.

While on the not quite sure and recipe for disaster thought, I registered for a 25k race (The BULLDOG Run) in Malibu Canyon this upcoming Saturday. The race includes an elevation gain of 4,000 feet, the temps will more than likely hit triple digits, and the Santa Monica Mountains are ripe with rattle snakes this time of year. I figure if I can survive this race, then I will have more than earned the 14 hours that I will spend on the couch next weekend with a cold beer in one hand at all times and some Memphis 'Que.

1.) LSU, 7-1
2.) Auburn, 5-3
3.) Bama, 4-4
4.) State, 4-4
5.) Ark, 2-6
6.) OM, 1-7

1.) UGA, 7-1
2.) UT, 7-1
3.) FL, 6-2
4.) USC, 4-4
5.) KY, 2-6
6.) VANDY, 0-8

LSU tops UGA in the Dome.


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