Monday, August 14, 2006

4 Dark Moments in My Football Gaming

As we approach the season, I thought it might be fun to recap some dark moments in my gaming history (I know others can relate) over the last several years.....Feel free to comment on your gaming experiences that we can now laugh about.

4.) Auburn vs. Virginia Tech (2005 Sugar Bowl) - After loosing a heartbreaker to a "spreadbuster" in the Alabama game (notice the "meaningless" touchdown with 1:26 left in the game), I was ready to make another wager on the Auburn Tigers by the time the Sugar Bowl rolled around. With Auburn a 6 point favorite, up 9-0, and in total control of the game at the half, I got cocky. Actually, not quite sure if cocky is the right word to describe the situation. Being at least 15 beers and several jack and cokes deep, I decided to give my friends at the World Sports Exchange a buzz. While the operator at WSEX could hardly translate my slurring words, he unfortunately deciphered my deposit and wager on the 2nd half line as I was shocked to hear it was a pick. Auburn quickly scored a touchdown within the first 5 minutes of the 3rd quarter and I was all smiles. However, with under 7 to go I suffered a scare when VA Tech punched one into the endzone, only to have their 2-point conversion fail - I was still covering both bets. Then, the inevitable happened and to this day, I remain angry at W. Herring. Herring slipped with 2:00 left in the game, allowing Josh Morgan to get behind him and Bryan Randall tossed him a perfect strike for their 2nd TD of the night as I witnessed my 2nd consecutive spreadbuster against the Tigers. Since the Sugar Bowl was a "guys only" trip, at least, I didn't have to answer the question from my wife after the Alabama "spreadbuster:" "Is that bad?:" Auburn 16 - VA Tech 13

3.) USC vs. UCLA (November 23, 2002) - No "spreadbuster" involved here. Interestingly, this game occurred the same day Auburn went into T-Town as a big underdog to the Tide and crushed Bama under the legs of the "Great White Hope" Tre Smith. I opted not to go to the game, but watch it on TV. Anyhow, the usual gaming crew consisting of J. Ekiss, T. Moore, J. Guthrie, and J. Gomes decided all to go deep on the infamous handicapper G. Roberts' 10-Star play (his highest rated play). Five minutes into the Auburn game, Tim Brando jumps in with an update and USC was quickly up 21 - 0 (the Bruins were catching 10 if I remember correctly). One word for this 10-star play - Tappage: USC 52 - UCLA 21

2.) Memphis vs. Mississippi State (September 3, 2001) - Myself, J. Gomes, J. Ekiss, J. Guthrie have T. Moore to thank for this Loser. After being the only folks in the Mandalay Sports Book, along with a very large man, to easily hit the Fresno State - Oregon State game that put Fresno on the map, we (T. Moore not included) decided to go deep on the underdog Memphis Tigers who were catching 19.5. 5 minutes into the 3rd Qtr., Memphis scores a TD to move ahead 10 - 0. State goes nowhere on their next series when T. Moore walks away from the table to go take a dump and says, "This one was too easy." Not that I'm superstitious, but the game soon took a turn for the worse. After 2 blocked Memphis punts, one for a State touchdown, and a boneheaded 4th down call by the Tigers, Memphis was suddenly trailing by 20. Of course, you never buy the hook at 19.5, so T. Moore wasn't the only person to drop a few pounds that Labor Day night: MS State 30 - Memphis 10

AND #1.) Baltimore vs. Tennessee (Nov. 13, 2001 - Monday Night Football) - This game was actually attended by J. Guthrie and J. Ekiss. Anyhow, I don't remember the exact spread (anywhere from the Titans catching 3 to a pick), I just remember the outcome was the most ridiculous finish of a game that ended up being a LOSER. The Titans, down 16-10, had driven to the Ravens' 6-yard line and faced third down. Steve McNair hit Kevin Dyson for a 5 yard gain (similar to their Super Bowl ending from the prior year) as the clock was running inside 10 seconds. The Titans scrambled to get a final play off and McNair ran in for the game-winner as the referees signaled touchdown and time ran out. It is at this time that J. Gomes calls saying "Hell yes, about time we had one go our way, we earned this one." In the words of Corso, "Not so fast my friend." Because after a five-minute discussion the refs ruled Baltimore was offsides. They said in this case the play should never have been allowed to run and that the Titans would get one play from the 1-yard line with no time left on the clock. Huh? McNair tried to run it in again, was stopped short, never really having a chance to get near the goal line. J. Ekiss makes the first call to me and it was one of those events that was so terrible, yet we were laughing so hard that we were crying: Baltimore 16 - Tennessee 10.


At 7:56 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

the sad thing is that I remember every one of those - and way too many more...namely every time I've ever bet on Penn State and they score between 4 and 8 points.

as for a good one:
How about Utah picking off BYU w/ 20 sec left in the game - a sure Pick 6 to bust the spread, and their endzone bound DB being pushed out at the 6 yd line to end the game... Best 14 star (using the old units) I've ever played.


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