Saturday, August 12, 2006

Recruiting a Math Teacher - A Potential Sociology Major

"The Math Teacher"

Lauderdale Lakes, FL Boyd H. Anderson Cobra, Josh Bynes, is hot on the recruiting trail. He currently is interested in Auburn, Iowa, LSU, Georgia, and Tennessee with Auburn the leader for his services. In his most recent interview with Allen Wallace of, Bynes names Auburn his leader because "I also remember something about Auburn being the number one public school education and having the best graduation rate for athletes - which is great because I would like to be a math teacher."

Interestingly, Bynes currently has a 3.0 GPA and a 740/1600 SAT, so he is going to give the ACT a go come September. While his aspirations to be a math teacher are noble, based on his SAT, being a math teacher appears to be a longshot. I'm guessing that Bynes has his heart set on Sociology at Auburn with a few directed reading courses along the way. Apparently, while studying for his SAT or ACT, he overlooked the NYT article bashing Auburn's academics since he still rates them highly because of their strong academic reputation. Unfortunately, he must not have heard that Auburn is cutting down on the number of directed reading courses as a result of an investigation stemming from the NYT article. Here's to wishing Josh better success with his ACT.


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SMU has those too.


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