Friday, August 11, 2006

NFL Preseason

Anyone else love the NFL preseason?

I absolutely love watching the 2nd half of these games. Watching the players fighting tooth and nails for roster spots produces some fantastic football - similar in my opinion to what makes the college game great. Usually at this point in the game, the stadiums are half full, the veterans are hanging out on the sidelines relaxing, giving interviews, yet the youngsters on the field are playing with emotion and determination.

On the Herd this morning, "The Compass" stated that he doesn't dig the preseason and he needs to save his football viewing credits from his girl for games that are more important and later in the season. My thoughts to Compass....

Drop some balls, man. By the time Preseason rolls around, I have endured 6 months of Grey's Anatomy, American Idol, The OC, and The Hills (I hate to admit it, but my bride actually has me hooked on this show and Laguna Beach). My wife understands what I have endured and she is willing to give me my time to watch football for 6 months (and she is actually good for about 6 hours of football viewing on Saturday now). The day you are given credits for watching football from a lady friend is the day the door needs to close on her.


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