Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Beano Cook Makes BCS Prediction

"Notre Dame vs. Auburn"

I didn't realize that Beano was still kicking. Not to knock a man, but he looks like death (I actually don't think he appears on TV anymore). Anyhow, in a Sunday night radio conversation, Beano picked Notre Dame to beat Auburn in the BCS Title Game. Coming from Beano, I'm not shocked to see Notre Dame in the mix, but was surprised that he picked Auburn (what about Pittsburgh, Beano?). In my humble opinion, Auburn has a good team, but not great and are being over-hyped. Brandon Cox has yet to prove that he can carry the team on his back when the running game struggles and Auburn has big holes to fill on both sides of the line as well big question marks in the secondary. Throw in the fact that the linebackers are extremely undersized, although quick (remember the quickness didn't help as Wisconsin steamrolled Auburn) and Cox has 1 proven wide-out and you are left with inflated expectations. I sure hope I'm off, but am I ever wrong? See dark moments in football gaming post!


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