Friday, August 25, 2006

Auburn & Expectations

In the past, Auburn has failed miserably when expectations have been high. Well, expectations are higher than they have ever been this year. Realizing the Tigers have a favorable schedule with its tougher games at home, I am still not sold on this team due to its undersized linebackers, loads of inexperience at both safety positions and wide receiver, and a new defensive scheme. Auburn is strong from a talent level standpoint, yet I still think LSU has a small edge in talent, a better signal caller, and both their offensive and defensive schemes have been in place.

Not wanting to digress further, back to expectations and Auburn. Since Auburn has fared poorly when expectations are high, many AU fans don't like seeing the early season expectations set so high. However, these are the same fans that complained (me included with this complaining group) that Auburn didn't make it to the BCS title game in '04 because they started too low in the first polls. While it's great to be recognized as a top notch program with lofty expectations and strong preseason rankings, it's time for this team to put aside the expectations and turn this notion of a top notch program into a reality.


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