Wednesday, August 30, 2006

What's Wrong With College Football?

Fortunately, few things are wrong with college football. However, unfortunately for college football fans, college football is a big-time business which leaves our pockets lighter than a gambler who takes advice from Greg Roberts and creates match-ups as exciting as the finale of "America's Got Talent."

Ticket prices for college games have escalated. Well not so much ticket prices, but the donations required to have the right to purchase tickets (similar to a PSL from an NFL standpoint). More and more colleges are requiring donations each year as the ones who have been playing the donation game continue to raise the minimum donation to have the rights to purchase season tickets.

While ticket prices continue to rise, fans are rewarded via some awful math-ups (I can't believe I'm actually linking a Pete Thamel story after his Auburn sociology story). Since the NCAA has moved to a 12 game D-I schedule, teams now have the opportunity to host 8 home games. Thus, it is rare that two top schools from different conferences will play. Why? Because these games generally entail a home-and-home arrangement, but the schools are not willing to give up the "home game" payday and play a home-and-home. So we are left with the likes of Buffalo vs. Auburn and Wisconsin.

As a passionate college football fan, as well as someone who understands supply and demand, I have no problems paying high prices for football games. I do have problems with paying high prices and having to suffer through some terrible games. My solution - I dropped my season tickets and will attend the games that I want to see, gladly paying the market price for that game.


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