Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Tuberville Speaks Out In Favor Of Playoff System...Again

Tommy Tuberville is back with a vengeance expressing his desire for college football to incorporate a playoff system. While he speaks about the SEC having a tough shot getting a team to the BCS Title Game without a playoff, you have to think he is really concerned with his Auburn Tigers and not necessarily other SEC teams. With a lot of football left to be played this year, Tuberville needs to worry about his team before stressing out about being left out of the mix. However, Jerry Palm, who runs a BCS simulation, said on a Birmingham radio station yesterday that if a team from the Big 10 and Pac 10 finish undefeated, they would finish ahead of Auburn. I'm not going to hash out pros/cons for a playoff because it has been done a hundred times, but the notion of a playoff making the season too long is ridiculous. Possibly, more ridiculous, is the timing of the BCS Title Game - January 8th. Let's make the season longer by adding a bogus 12th game and playing for the Natie on the 8th - just don't understand the logic. But when you are dealing with dollar figures as large as the ones involved, I guess you can throw logic out the door.


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