Thursday, September 21, 2006

Random Musings (OU, Tonight's and This Weekend's Games, Patrick Willis)

I have had little time to read much this week, so I haven't linked anything to my blog - All original this week. I am looking forward to reading some columns and including the links that my loyal readers have come to enjoy.

As mentioned yesterday, I am so sick of Bob Stoops' whining. It is literally on the cover of every sports website, magazine, newspaper and is the focal talking point on very talk show. Get over it, Bob and the Sooner nation. The call, or calls, was terrible, but good teams find a way to win when things don't go their way. The Sooners, in my opinion, did the complete opposite and gave the game away. They gave up over 500 yards of offense to Oregon, 2 touchdowns in less than 30 seconds over the final 2 minutes of the game, and had a game winning field goal attempt blocked to end the game. Humans make mistakes - it's part of life. What you do to overcome those human mistakes proves what you are made of, and OU was exposed by Oregon as an overrated team that will loose more games this year.

For whatever reason, I could care less about tonight's GA Tech - UVA game. I could always place a wager on the game to make it a bit more interesting, but I'm just not in the wagering mode tonight. This crappy game is a great kick-off to a pretty crappy weekend. Penn St. - OSU, Bama - ARK, and ND - MSU are about the only games that I'm looking forward to watching. Wisky- Mich could be a good game to get the day started off. With ABC pulling their regional BS for its night game, I will have to watch the Irish game at a bar, because we will be stuck with USC-Arizona in our region and Time Warner - Santa Monica doesn't offer ESPN Gameplan. So, that means I will be unhappy watching the Irish game with a bunch of fair weather USC assholes at any local watering hole I choose.

I know that I often knock Ole Miss on my blog, but major kudos to Patrick Willis. He is a player and I earlier posted a nice article about him that was printed in the Memphis Commercial Appeal. Well, ESPN The Magazine has a great story on Patrick in its latest issue. It's worth the cover stand price to read if you are not a subscriber. While, I can't pull for Ole Miss, I can't help but pull for Patrick to have a successful career with football and beyond.


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