Wednesday, November 15, 2006

2006 Iron Bowl Week - Wednesday Edition

Mike Szvetitz with the Opelika - Auburn News captures the essence of the Auburn - Alabama rivalry in the paper's Wednesday edition - Iron Bowl always "biggest" game. It would be very interesting to look at the television ratings between the Ohio State - Michigan game and the Iron Bowl and see the difference between the state of Alabama ratings versus the rest of the nation. I imagine that I will be one of possibly 10 people in the LA area tuned into the Iron Bowl this week.

In today's Birmingham News, Kevin Scarbinsky writes about where Alabama players are finding motivation for this year's Iron Bowl - pictures of Tommy Tuberville holding up four fingers. Not that players from either side need much motivation to get up for this game, Le'Ron McClain offers Auburn players a little motivation by stating, "I guarantee it's not going to be five (wins in a row)."

I thought a few quotes from Alabama players in Tim Gayle's article in today's Montgomery Advertiser were quite entertaining. First, Kyle Tatum calls out Auburn fans that wear "fear the thumb" shirts as classless. Ken Darby is quoted saying "Every year, we always come close to beating them." Not sure if I have been watching the same games that Darby has played in over the past three years, but Auburn has basically spanked Bama every game over the past three years. Finally, our buddy Le'Ron McClain emerges in this article as well to spit out perhaps his most profound words yet, "I feel like we're better than every team we've lost to, but our record doesn't show it."

More stories to follow as the week unfolds along with my own "personal" greatest memories from the Iron Bowl.


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