Thursday, November 02, 2006

Thursday Night Football

Seeing that it's 3 0' clock on the Left Coast, most of my readers probably will not read this post until after tonight's game....oh well. I'm kind of viewing this game in a similar fashion as the Florida State - Miami game, meaning that if there was a way for both teams to loose, that is what I would want to happen. Bobby Petrino is a schmuck of a coach and neither team is deserving of its records (or to state it another way, if every school played West Virginia's schedule, there would currently be at least 25 teams undefeated). Besides the state flower of West Virginia is the satellite dish.

Well apparently, Papa John's Stadium is going to be "blacked out" tonight and the Cardinals are going to be decked out in all black uniforms from helmet to toe. Apparently, they did not receive the memo from Florida State that black unis do not equal a "W." I am curious to see what kind of home field advantage the 'Ville has tonight. Louisville just isn't a college football town, so I'm not quite sure how much of an advantage that gives the team, although the Cards will definitely be better off than if the game was in Morgantown. Anyhow, I am looking forward to the game, but may neither team win.

How about the barn burners ESPN has given us the last two nights? I am a college football junkie, but as I age, I have to admit that watching UAB-SMU and Freson State-Boise State is getting tough. I really feel like ESPN might be doing college football a dis-favor by airing these games. Just think, if you are on the fence about college football and these are the games you get to watch. I just think these games would turn people away from the sport rather than attracting new fans. I shouldn't be complaining though, because come February, I will be cringing for any college football that I can possibly get my hands on.

Going back to Boise State - I know some people are thinking, wait a minute, now they are a top tier team. WRONG, as I have stated before, Boise State is bush league, their field is bush league, and their conference is bush league. Actually, I think the NCAA should mandate to keep I-A status, you must play on a green grass colored surface. I'm still shocked that Mark May and Lou Holtz (I shouldn't be shocked by anything that comes out of these two clowns' mouths) had the gall to state that Ian Johnson should be invited to the Heisman Ceremony. Can you imagine the stats of an Adrian Peterson, Marshawn Lynch, or Darren McFadden if their respective teams played Boise's schedule. If Boise makes it to a BCS game, then I will have major problems with the system (not really fair, because I already do), regardless who plays for the national title.


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