Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Shula = Conservative

Sorry, it's been a while since last post. I have been swamped and blogger has been crapping out all day, so tonight I offer you multiple readings that discuss Mike Shula's conservative coaching. I'm still waiting on loyal reader J. Gomes to provide his guest column that he promised. As mentioned in previous posts, I think it is extremely evident that Mike Shula is a bit too conservative as a coach and now it appears that a majority of the media agrees. Enjoy your fill of columns on college football's version of George W. Bush:

Kevin Scarbinsky, columnist for the Birmingham News, is spending the week focused on Mike Shula and his conservative nature. On Sunday, he writes that it's time for Shula to change from his conservative play calling because it is not winning Bama too many games. To close, he states that "close is getting old," yet as an Auburn fan I must disagree - I am loving Shula as long as he keeps playing to be close rather than playing to win.

Scarbinksy's Monday piece examines Shula's record versus Alabama's biggest opponents and where he continues to fail.

Scarbinsky writes another piece with a focus on Ed Orgeron. Given the fire that Shula is feeling in the state of Alabama this week, the jist of his column is that firing a coach is easy, the hard part is hiring the right coach.

Ray Melick, another columnist with the Birmingham News, wonders if Shula "has been watching the evolution of offensive football over the last decade." Classic line.

John Pruett, columnist with the Huntsville Times, writes that keeping it close fails to pay off yet again for Shula. Still more to come.....

Tommy Hicks with the Mobile Press-Register writes that Alabama's biggest problem is it hasn't been able to close games that matter.

Paul Finebaum with the Mobile Press-Register chimes in that Mike Shula "seemingly tries hitting his head against the same wall every Saturday when it comes to offensive philosophy."

Looking back to an article from Pro Football Weekly, Bama fans and others were warned about Mike Shula. Apparently, his conservative play calling is nothing new.

Alabama homer writer, Cecil Hurt with the Tuscaloosa News, even gets some shots in on Shula.

When a homer is getting on to you, you know things are really heating up. I know Shula appears safe with his long-term deal and buy-out clause, but I really think that if he comes up short to Auburn and it is ugly like last year, he will not survive. I will stop at these articles, because I think by now you can see a theme with Alabama sportswriters.

Finally, per loyal reader J. Gomes's request, I bring you a video of C.J. Spiller's 50 yard touchdown on a screen pass where he made two GA Tech defenders look like JV players for the Marist War Eagles (forward to the 40th second):


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