Friday, October 20, 2006

Why The SEC Is Better Than The Big 10

I hate to knock the Big 10 this year as they have what appears to be the top 2 teams in the nation. However, college football is more than a game, it's an experience and I am convinced that no where can you get a finer college football experience than in SEC country.

To prove my point, a loyal reader from Virginia (amazingly, a large contingent of my readers hail from that state, yet I know absolutely no one that lives there) passed along a video of a Penn State tailgate. Actually, it is just one part of a multi-set of videos shot at a tailgate prior to their game with Michigan. I now understand why the Michigan administration doesn't want to play night games.

Actually, to throw a little abuse to the SEC, check out another Bama wedding that is making local and national news stations. The video located within the page IS A MUST! And people in the south wonder why it gets a bad, redneck rap - just leave it to the Bamer nation.


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