Wednesday, October 18, 2006

The NCAA Football Rules Committee

I came across a great piece on Tommy Tuberville from Mike Tankersly with the Montgomery Advertiser. It is amazing the amount of media coverage Tuberville can pull when he discusses the BCS and a play-off or when he rips ESPN. Perhaps, other coaches will eventually join in and voice their displeasure over the system and maybe, just maybe someday we will get to witness a D-I play-off. If not, I'll admit that I am all for scrapping the BCS and reverting back to the old system of conference tie-ins. Yea, we might not end up with a 1-2 match-up, but there will be no controversy in who plays who, only who should potentially be #1 and don't we usually have that controversy all season long?

Knowing that Tommy Tuberville is on the NCAA's rule committee, I decided to take a look at the make-up of the committee. I was shocked when I discovered that each division has three representatives. Even more interesting, of the three members for I-A and I-AA, there is only one football coach represented from each division. So, it appears to me that the rules committee that governs the rules for D-1A football is made up of only one 1A head coach and 6 athletic directors. The remaining members are lower division football coaches. Not knowing procedurally how they work (and I don't really have the time to research it), I'm curious as to how much weight Tuberville actually pulls. My guess from the D-1A & AA standpoint, is that it is very administrative driven.


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