Monday, October 16, 2006

Monday Morning (or Afternoon) Lookback

A little happier this week as I take a look back at the college weekend that was.
  • Florida's gimmicky offense will be the team's downfall in the SEC. They have as much or more talent than anyone in the conference, but their offensive system is not going to cut it in the SEC.
  • Auburn's ranking is still inflated. They failed to score an offensive touchdown against Florida, leaving the offense with a whopping 2 touchdowns in three games against LSU, Arkansas, and Florida.
  • I would like to know what Tommy Tuberville actually said to his team at halftime. His comment to Quinton Riggins, Auburn's sideline reporter, before the 2nd half kickoff was excellent. When Q asked about the defense, Tuberville explicitly said that it was the most pathetic defense he had seen at Auburn.
  • Do people actually think Chris Leak was throwing the football? I might wear orange and blue shaded glasses, but I just don't see the argument against Leak's 4th quarter fumble.
  • Kudos to Brent Schaeffer. I have been beating up on the poor kid along with a lot of other media members and he played his best game of the year against Alabama in Tuscaloosa, although Ole Miss still came up on the losing end.
  • I think it's very fair to say that Bama clearly plays to the level of its opponent.
  • What was ugly in Athens two weeks ago, just got a lot uglier this past weekend. UGA is reeling, but the Bulldogs of Mississippi State should be the medicine the 'Dawgs need.
  • Vanderbilt finally pulled one out after being so close in its other 3 SEC games which they lost by a combined 12 points. Kudos to Bobby Johnson who is doing great things in Nashville.
  • A big step for Mississippi State. Yea, Jacksonville State is a I-AA team, but in the past, State has faltered to I-AA opponents.
  • I'm beginning to question the ability of LSU's coaching staff. They are clearly loaded with talent destroying every team they clearly overmatch. Yet in their two big games, they have a goose egg in their win column.
  • I'm also beginning to buy into the fact that the SEC might have its share of good times, but they are lacking a great team. Actually, I think there might only be two great teams this year and they both reside in the Big 10. I just get the sense that there is a ton of parity in college football these days.
  • Why all the fuss about the Miami - FIU debacle? Does anyone really expect anything different from Miami?
  • Speaking of Miami, watch this clip and listen to Miami commentator and former player, Lamar Thomas. Again, do you really expect anything different from Miami?

  • Listen to Lamar Thomas' insight beginning around the 1:40 mark until the end. The "OB."

  • Congrats to Dennis Franchione and the A&M Aggies for knocking Missouri off the unbeaten train. Dennis has the Aggies at 6-1 and could very easily be 7-0 (I'm sure if he asked Stoops, they are 7-0).
  • Are we supposed to feel sympathetic for Adrian Peterson and his father? I have a hard time feeling sorry for his old man - all he did was pay the consequences for being a big time drug dealer.
  • I do feel bad for how AP's college career more than likely came to and end. I haven't heard any comments from "Baghdad Bob" Stoops, but I'm sure AP is unblemished just like OU's record.
  • I doubt anyone saw the finish to the Memphis - Arkansas State. One hell of a Hail Mary for your viewing pleasure.

  • Where's Waldo?? This guy won't be leaving Jonesboro anytime soon.


At 7:38 AM, Blogger Dow said...

I watched the YouTube clip from the Miami game earier yesterday; I didn't realize that the guy making those ridiculous comments was a commentator. I thought they had a microphone on the field. I think it's pretty Busch League on all accounts. Lamar Thomas should be fired; seriously. And I just googled Lamar... he was fired.

Lamar's quotes include:
- "You come into our house, you should get your behind kicked"
- "You don't come into the Orange Bowl playing that stuff. You're across the ocean over there. You're across the city over there. You can't come over to our place talking noise like that. You'll get your butt kicked. I was about to go down the elevator and get into that thing."
- "Why don't they just meet outside in the tunnel after the ball game and get it on some more?"
- "You don't come into the Orange Bowl, baby -- we've had a down couple of years -- but you don't come in here talking trash."

Imagine the gall of a Miami player being critical of trash-talking?


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