Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Some Columns For Your Tuesday Afternoon Reading

Kevin Scarbinsky discusses the Auburn - Florida game in Sunday's Birmingham News. Tommy Tuberville's record against Top 10 teams is sick, 8 out of the last 9 I believe. It's easy now to say that Auburn would win the game, but as we all know, hindsight is 20-20. I do think it's rather interesting in that practically nobody is giving the Piggies from Arkansas a shot at reaching Atlanta. Something tells me that if the Auburn offense doesn't start producing some TDs, they will suffer another SEC defeat, giving the Piggies even more breathing room.

Paul Finebaum takes a look at Mike Shula's contract and his support from the administration and reaches the conclusion that Bama fans are stuck with Shula for a while. As an Auburn fan, as well as for other SEC schools' fans, that is music to my ears. Interestingly, Finebaum also discusses the Mobile Register's pre-season predictions. Apparently, Randy Kennedy, the paper's sports editor, is in fact the only writer possibly in the country who is giving the Piggies the benefit of the doubt.

Scott Rabalais does an excellent job of summarizing LSU's season to date. If LSU could only bank all those points it has scored on the Little Sisters of the Poor and use them on a Top 10 team, then maybe they would be a little better off than 5-2 right now.

Outside the SEC, Edwin Pope with the Miami Herald offers his perspective on the brawl in the "OB" as Lamar Thomas likes to call it. On Sunday, Mr. Pope had this to say about the brawl. While on the subject of the Miami fight, I found a picture of this fan being hauled out of the "OB" to epitomize most Miami fans (would be perfect if he had a little bdy gold around his neck).

Michael Lough of the Macon Telegraph looks back on the weekend with an emphasis on the Vanderbilt-UGA game. I find the difference between Tommy Tuberville and Mark Richt to be striking in defeat. Tuberville clearly placed the blame on Auburn's loss to Arkansas on his shoulders and the rest of the coaching staff. According to Richt, the plays he and the staff are calling are excellent, but the players aren't executing them. Richt needs to take a page from Tuberville and show a little humility.

Pat Dooley offers his perspective in Sunday's Gainesville Sun on the Florida - Auburn game. Actually, the best piece I found on the game. He gets a jab in at Auburn about the artificially pumped in music that, even as an Auburn fan, I agree with him 100%.

Stepping outside the SEC, John Shinn with the Norman Transcript briefly looks at Adrian Peterson's legacy at OU.


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