Monday, October 30, 2006

Monday Morning Lookback

Crazy to think that there is only about a month left to the regular season....
  • Auburn squeaked out another win this past weekend over Ole Miss. Statistics wise Auburn crushed Ole Miss, but costly mistakes on offense, penalties, and a few defensive lapses kept the score much closer than it should have been.
  • Tommy Tuberville deserves more credit for being an excellent on the field coach. His decision to go for a 4th down conversion with about 2 minutes left in the game was the exact right decision, yet I feel many coaches would have gone on and taken the 3 points.
  • The World's Largest Cocktail Party (or Outdoor Party as the school's presidents like to call it) was a snoozer. UGA's offense is painful to watch and Florida's offense struggles to hang onto a lead. Yea, the score made for an exciting game, but the action on the field was anything but exciting.
  • Keeping to the last sentence, I'm beginning to believe that the action on the field in a majority of SEC games is anything but exciting. The league is clearly a defensive league with few teams capable of blowing out teams.
  • Back to UGA-Florida, it was great finally seeing Tim Tebow getting clocked. Give a team a few weeks to prepare for Florida's offense (i.e. SEC Championship or bowl game) and I think Florida is very beatable.
  • Vanderbilt crushed Duke - Duke truly must be awful. Vandy needs to win 2 out of its last 3 to be bowl eligible. It's not going to happen with Florida, Kentucky, and Tennessee as its remaining opponents.
  • When did Mississippi State become a passing team? The Bulldogs threw for almost 400 yards against the fading Kentucky Wildcats and only rushed for 24 yards. Although the Bullies lost, it was good to see their offense show life.
  • Kentucky only needs 2 more wins to become bowl eligible. It could happen with clearly winnable games against Vanderbilt and LA-Monroe plus a toss-up with UGA. They will clearly be the underdog in Knoxville against the Vols.
  • Arkansas continues to pile it on opponents. Mitch Mustain struggled mightily, but their ground attack is sick. Both Felix Jones and Darren McFadden rush for over 120 yards.
  • Arkansas is clearly a one dimensional team, but since week 1, nobody has been able to slow down its rushing attack. I really think that they will loose at least 2 SEC games because they are too one dimensional.
  • If not for some poor decisions by Syvelle Newton and a few lucky bounces, the Vols would have lost to South Carolina in Columbia. Though he made a few poor decisions, Syvelle Newton is extremely fun to watch.
  • Tennessee's receiving corp is incredible and I'm convinced a major reason that Eric Ainge is having such a big year.
  • Is there any doubt that the Buckeyes are head over heels better than anyone in the college football landscape?
  • War Damn Oregon State Beavers! It's amazing that when a team has a 23 point 3rd quarter lead that the game still feels well within reach. Had many teams in the country been in USC's shoes that game would have been a sleeper in the 4th quarter.
  • My first time to really watch Texas this year, kudos to Colt McCoy. To be a redshirt freshman, that kid is extremely tough and will be a force to be reckoned with for many years.
  • Texas Tech's offense appears similar to Florida's in that neither is very good at hanging onto a lead.
  • Has Texas A&M put together the quietest 8-1 season or have I missed something? Their stretch run is mighty tough with Oklahoma and Nebraska at home before heading to Austin to meet the Longhorns.
  • Another week gone and both Miami and Florida State drop games. Miami is now 2-2 in the ACC and Florida State is 2-4. With games against Wake and Florida left, FSU could finish the year at 6-6.
  • Chuck Amato and the Wolfpack must win back-to-back games against GA Tech and Clemson for his return to Raleigh next year.


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