Sunday, November 05, 2006

Monday Morning Look Back

So, it's rather upsetting to think that the end of the college football season is in sight. It seems like just yesterday that I was rushing home from the office to watch the South Carolina - Mississippi State Thursday night debacle. Anyhow, on to my weekend review:
  • Auburn's red zone offense continues to suck as bad as a whore having a seizure. The offense puts up over 400 yards of offense again, yet only produces 3 touchdowns.
  • With the Arkansas State game behind Auburn, it's a great time for Auburn fans with what Pat Dye use to refer to as "Amen Corner" left on the team's plate.
  • I have finally come to realize that I don't see any way Auburn gets to play in the BCS Title Game - for one, I don't think Auburn even wins the West.
  • Arkansas's running game is absolutely dominant. Their unbalanced line formation is old-school and Darren McFadden, in my humble opinion, is the nation's best running back.
  • Even more amazing, Arkansas is 5-0 in the SEC and 8-1 overall, yet they are still struggling to find a quarterback.
  • If McFadden is injured seriously (reports are a bit sketchy right now) and unable to play against the Vols or LSU Tigers, the Piggies might be in trouble (see the Southern Cal game).
  • Blake Mitchell's third quarter performance for the Gamecocks was amazing. Steve Spurrier has an unbelievable knack for the quarterback position.
  • Glad to see JaMarcus finally live up to expectations and win a big game on the road. He single handedly carried the LSU offense on Saturday night.
  • I'm wondering if the Vols are going to mail in their season after the loss to LSU. For some reason, I see this team laying down now.
  • Even with the loss, things appear to be back to normal in Knoxville with Arian Foster, Antonio Wardlow, and David Holbert getting arrested early Sunday morning.
  • It's crazy how Auburn players were supposedly banged up for weeks post LSU game, yet Tennessee players apparently still had a bit of fight left in them.
  • Remember me discussing Mike Shula's situation several weeks ago? Contrary to his contract and what the Bama administration is saying, I think he is now in serious trouble of not surviving this year. I am predicting that LSU will stomp Alabama as Shula will be solely focused on the Auburn game which has become must-win for him. I'll have plenty of Shula material this upcoming week.
  • On the flip-side, congrats are in order for Sylvester Croom. I have been riding him fairly hard and have to admit that his team looked much improved this past weekend. I'm pulling for the Bullies to finish the year strong with three straight SEC wins. Arkansas is a big stretch, but Ole Miss is clearly beatable.
  • Things are downright ugly in Athens, GA. A 6-4 record is tough to bear, but with SEC losses to Vanderbilt and Kentucky, the record just got uglier.
  • How bad are things in Athens? So bad that the Auburn-UGA game is being broadcast regionally as the JP (I know, it's now the Lincoln Financial, but as far as I am concerned, I will always refer to the 11:30 central game as the "JP Game")Game of the Week with the Daves on the call.
  • Anyone in their right mind predict Kentucky would be bowling this year. It likely will happen with them needing one win out of their last 3 games that include Vanderbilt, LA-Monroe, and Tennessee.
  • I'm convinced Vanderbilt is the exact opposite of Notre Dame. Vanderbilt outgained Florida this past weekend, yet came up on the short end of the score. Vanderbilt is notorious for coming up short in games that they have a chance to win, while the Irish seem to pull several games a year out of their ass.
  • Remember when some folks were mentioning Chris Leak's name with the Heisman? Seems like ages ago as he has struggled the past several weeks.
  • Since it is looking like both Boise and Louisville will be in a BCS bowl, I'm thinking the two should play again to rematch the Liberty Bowl from '04. Besides, does anyone want to see Louisville in the BCS Title game besides the folks hanging out in the Papa?
  • So Missouri danced with the big boys in the Top 25 for multiple weeks, but have no quickly assumed their position outside the Top 25.
  • Likewise, thank you for stopping by Clemson.
  • Joe Pa is a warrior. The 80 year-old man gets the shits, sprints off the sideline to relieve himself only to return to the sidelines. Now, he gets cracked by a Wisconsin defender, breaks a leg and injures some knee ligaments, yet he pops up and doesn't want to sit down on the bench and he isn't happy about getting carted off the field. Get well soon, Joe Pa.
  • I said it last week and I will say it again, Colt McCoy is going to be an absolute superstar before his time is up at Texas.
  • Can Texas A&M play its games any closer? In its 6 conference games this year, A&M is 4-2, winning its 4 games by a combined 20 points and loosing its 2 games by a combined 5 points. I think Franchione has earned himself another year, although he still has yet to beat Oklahoma, Nebraska, or Texas. He still can do something about the last 2 this year.
  • Nothing new on the Amato or Coker front - thanks for stopping by, gentlemen.
  • Finally, looking at bowl projections, I have seen some folks have predicted Auburn will meet Georgia Tech in the Orange Bowl. No one can be pulling for that game than Reggie Ball. He has had two career days against Auburn, so I am sure he would love to end his 10-year Tech career playing the team that he terrorizes.
Look for some columns from around the South to be posted by some point tomorrow....


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