Friday, September 22, 2006

Cowherd Beats Me To The Punch on Fantasy Football

So on The Herd today, Colin discussed his dislike for Fantasy Football. I thought I was the only male left in America that didn't play Fantasy Football. Not only do I not play it, I actually hate what fantasy football has done to the game of football. I get so frustrated with the "fantasy people" that could care less about wins and losses of teams on Sunday, but only care about how their "fantasy players" performed. It's impossible to watch an NFL game without having to deal with the constant scroll of players stats across the bottom of the screen. I would much rather see the scores of the games than players stats, but apparently I'm an exception to the norm. To me, it's a shame that stats appear to be more important to the professional football fan than scores. Just another reason I prefer the college game to the NFL version.


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