Monday, September 25, 2006

Monday Morning Look Back

Another week in the bag and on a pretty lackluster weekend card, we had some interesting turn of events.....
  • First, let's examine the "hot seats" that I have discussed the past few weeks. I felt that Houston Nutt was done after this year, yet Arkansas' win against Bama and the fact that he is playing a true freshman at qb might buy him another year. If he can get the Hogs to 4 wins in the conference (which is very doable with Ole Miss and Miss. St. left on the schedule), I think he will survive. All reports in the preseason had Rich Brooks labeled as a lame duck. Well, the Wildcats are playing some decent football and its two losses have been to Top 10 teams. Not quite sure if Rich is ready to pack it up in Kentucky. Chuck Amato, who had flames shooting from his chair, watched his NC State Wolfpack pull off a stunner against 20th ranked BC. While this will temporarily keep the fire from spreading, Chuck will still be packing at years' end. Staying in the state of NC, I think it's all but official that John Bunting will be jobless soon after his Tarheels were taking behind the woodshed by Clemson. And, while the 'Canes were idle this week, all the talk around Miami concerns Larry Coker's job. Based on media reports and my own intuition (take it for what it's worth), he is done unless they run the table. It's crazy to think that there has not been a coaching change in the last 2 years in the ACC, but big changes are coming. Keep in mind that ol' Tommy can't be too far away from walking away from the game as well.
  • Auburn's offense is sputtering and I think the problem lies with the offensive line. After Kenny Irons rushed for 180+ against Washington State, the 1st team unit has yet to have a back break the century mark (Yes, I know that Ben Tate ran for over 100 yards against Buffalo, but those yards came in the 4th quarter when both teams were playing reserves).
  • Georgia was exposed by Colorado as having major issues at the quarterback position. Their defense is rock solid though.
  • Could Mike Shula have called a more awful game in the 4th quarter?
  • What has happened to Ken Darby? Bama's O-Line is his main issue.
  • I can only imagine the messages left on Leigh Tiffin's voicemail.
  • John Parker Wilson is getting better each week, but Bama's talent level is not even close to LSU and Auburn's.
  • Mitch Mustain was awful against Bama, yet Arkansas found a way to win. Mitch definitely does not look like the high school player of the year, but is playing the part of a weak and confused freshman quarterback.
  • Florida's offense with both Chris Leak and Tim Tebow running the show is very entertaining to watch.
  • Tim Tebow looks very impressive....similar to a Matt Jones-type.
  • It's no secret that I don't like Ole Miss as a school or football team, but they are making it too easy for me to bash them. Their coach and football team are a downright embarrassment to the SEC. Getting shelled by Wake Forest is one thing, but the fact that Wake shelled Ole Miss by only attempting 5 passes is simply terrible.
  • Glad to see the Bulldogs of MS State pull out a "w" against UAB.
  • Conference USA is awful this year. State and Ole Miss need to fill their non-conference schedule with C-USA teams because it's looking like that will be their only "w's" this year.
  • I got my first real chance to watch Michigan on Saturday morning, and I must say that they look awfully good. Mario Manningham is a stud and Mike Hart is not too shabby. Their defense flies around the ball. I'm not ready to concede the Big 10 title to the Buckeyes just yet.
  • I'm still in a state of disbelief that Michigan State blew the game against Notre Dame. I'm still trying to figure out why Jehuu Caulcrick didn't get a carry after the first play of the 4th quarter. He was shredding ND's defense.
So, it's a short week for my Auburn Tigers with a Thursday night game on ESPN. I'm not a big fan of "my team" playing in the Thursday night game, but Tuberville was quoted as saying that all 12 teams in the SEC owe it to the media to play this game since they have been so good to the SEC. I must admit that I can't quite follow his logic because the ESPN/ABC college football machine is anything but kind to the SEC. Check back shortly for links to columns to get others thoughts on college football. I hope to dig up some good articles on Shula's inept play calling and some perspectives on others' thoughts of Coach O and the state of the Ole Miss program.


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