Monday, November 20, 2006

Monday Morning (Evening) Look Back

A great weekend for the heart, but not so hot for the wallet. On to my recap:
  • War Damn Q. Groves - his 2 sacks and caused fumbles were clearly the difference between an Auburn win and an Auburn loss.
  • Auburn's offense is downright pathetic this year.
  • It's truly amazing that this Auburn team finished the year with a 10-2 record.
  • As an Auburn fan, I hope Shula stays, but is there any question that he is way in over his head?
  • John Parker Wilson has the potential to be one heck of a quarterback.
  • Congrats to Houston Nutt and the Piggies for officially wrapping up the West. After their beat down of Auburn on the Plains, very few thought Arkansas would hang on to win the West.
  • If McFadden doesn't get it down running behind his o-line, apparently he can pull his magic on kick-off returns.
  • To be a year removed from the high school ranks, Gus Malzahn deserves a ton of praise for his creativity for getting the ball in the hands of his playmakers.
  • Just an early prediction, but I think Arkansas crushes Florida in the Dome.
  • What happened to LSU? Obviously, they looked well past Ole Miss to their date with Arkansas this upcoming Friday.
  • I'm still shocked that the Rebels could hang with LSU. Hopefully, the game bought Coach O a few more years at the helm in Oxford. I must admit that I wouldn't mind having Shula and O around the West for many more years to come.
  • What a difference Eric Ainge makes in the Tennessee offense. Granted it was Vandy, but they looked very impressive.
  • Though Chris Nickson had an off day against Tennessee, he just might be the best young quarterback in the SEC. Remember that he has little to no talent around him.
  • I'll admit that due to the Iron Bowl, I watched a grand total of maybe 10 minutes of the Michigan-Ohio State game. Check out the M Zone if you want to read a lot of good information (obviously Michigan biased) on the game.
  • People who think the two teams should rematch for the BCS Title are crazy. I guess those people are not in favor of a play-off. If there was ever a play-off scenario for a game, was that game not a semi-final game for the title?
  • Congrats to Kentucky for notching its 7th win of the season, albeit a nail-bitter to UL-M.
  • If South Carolina can upset Clemson on Saturday, then there is the possibility that Bama does not go bowling. Go Gamecocks!
  • How about the weekend for Chuck Amato and Larry Coker? Yikes!
Another pretty good card on tap for this week. Just curious, but do you think ESPN is just a tad disappointed that its big Thanksgiving evening match-up is Boston College at Miami. They use to carry Ole Miss and Mississippi State, but dropped that game several years ago because of its irrelevance in the college football world. I'm afraid that ESPN missed the boat again this year.

Thanks to loyal reader R. Johnson for this updated picture of Bryant Denny Stadium (a.k.a. Jordan-Hare West):


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