Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Funniest Message Board Thread I've Read (Mainly UNC & Miami Related)

So what started with one North Carolina fan posting on a Hurricane message board that he hopes Miami, as well as the remainder of UNC's opponents, drubs them in hopes of assuring that John Bunting will be fired has led to one of the funnier exchanges that I have come across on a message board. Without stealing all of the contributors' thunder, here is a link to the thread: best message board thread I've read. Basically, fans of the two schools are completely bashing their coaches and wishing the opponent in next Saturday's game all the best and other programs, NC State and FSU included jump into the discussion. For those not wanting to read the full thread (believe me, it's well worth your time), I've included several links and pictures that have found their way into the thread. Chuck Amato and Bobby Bowden even find their way into the thread. I absolutely love this picture of Amato:
Check out this cartoon - John Bunting Beat Miami
On a more serious note, I've included several pieces that look at the state of both the Miami and UNC programs and examine the coaching situations.
Stay Or Go? - The News & Observer
Why Do Tar Heels Struggle? - The Herald-Sun
'Canes Seem Unable This Season - The Atlanta Journal Constitution
OK To Root Against Your Own Team? - ESPN.com Page 2


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