Monday, September 25, 2006

Two Different Views on Shula

I thought Mike Shula totally blew the game on Saturday with some awful play calling. John Parker Wilson was putting up career numbers on the Razorback secondary by throwing the ball down the field. Yet, come 4th quarter, Bama's offense got extremely conservative, even appearing to play for the game winning field goal on the foot of freshman kicker Leigh Tiffin. It's safe to assume that we will not see any Daniel Moore paintings depicting Leigh's kicking performance taking the place of daddy's 52 yard game winner in the '85 Iron Bowl on Tide fans' trailer walls.

Kevin Scarbinsky of the Birmingham News believes that Shula made the right decision by going conservative in the 4th quarter and overtimes. Kevin feels "when you have two teams this close, two teams separated by a foot, you run the ball and center the ball. You make the kick, take the win, and go home." If my memory and thought serves me correctly, Auburn and LSU are mighty close in talent and separated by few feet. While both teams tried to establish the run, I think you will be hard pressed to call Tuberville anything but conservative when he opted to go for a 4th down conversion in the 4th quarter with the ball in Auburn's territory.

Neal McCready with the Mobile Press-Register offers a different view on Shula. He feels, along with me, that Shula's conservative style cost the Tide. I totally agree that Shula blew the game when he basically took John Parker Wilson's arm out of the game. Shula even acknowledged his qb's play after the game stating "In the 2nd half and in the 4th quarter, (Wilson) made some plays that you can win games with." The problem wasn't the quarterback making plays; it was his coach giving him the opportunity to make them. Judging from Bama fans calling in to Rivals Radio this morning, it appears that they also share the same sentiment and are getting very antsy with Shula.

As Auburn approaches "Fear the Thumb" Day, Auburn fans, me included, can only hope that Shula remains at Alabama for years to come. Here's to


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