Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Alabama and Nick Saban

In today's Birmingham News, Kevin Scarbinsky writes that folks associated with the Alabama program contacted Nick Saban about his interest in the job. I believe that Kevin is a highly credible source and fully believe that Saban was approached or his agent, Jimmy Sexton, actually contacted Alabama. Acting as a fiduciary as his agent, Mr. Sexton would be crazy to not see what opportunities were available for his clients or entertain individuals seeking the services of his clients that include Saban, Tommy Tuberville, Jimbo Fisher, and Bill Parcells among others. Kevin goes on to write that if Shula is the coach of Alabama next year, then it can be inferred that Saban was not interested in the job. Interestingly, he wraps up his column wondering if Shula survives will he be able to produce the magical year that Tuberville did following the Jetgate scandal.

Sorry that I don't have more to offer today. The bride and I are cooking Thanksgiving dinner for 14 tomorrow and have been in the kitchen all day. I had to call my mother and thanks her for all the Thanksgiving meals she prepared - I have learned today and will continue to learn tomorrow that it is a bear of a task and she pulled it off all by her self.

In case I don't post tomorrow, Happy Thanksgiving to all my readers. I'm definitely not going to retire off this little endeavor, so it is your comments and eyes that keep me pounding away on this blog and I am grateful to all.


At 10:38 AM, Blogger Tobin Vance said...

Turns out, Saban was a good choice. It's now 2011 and Alabama's staring down a BCS National championship under his leadership. LSU, Arkansas and Clemson are all nipping at their heels.
I've gotten some Outback Bowl tickets and plans to be in Tampa. I want to see how Penn State is holding up without JoePa.


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