Tuesday, November 21, 2006

The Alabama Creed

Kudos to the unknown author (if anyone knows the author, please let me know so they can get the credit that they deserve) for this gem.....

The Alabama Creed

"We believe that this is a delusional world and that we can talk only about what Bear did. Therefore, we believe in the past, the distant past. We believe in education, and though we did not technically attend the University of Alabama, we know a guy that did. We believe in honesty and truthfulness, because when the punishment for marijuana possession is ice cream, there is really no need to lie. We believe in a sound mind, in a sound body and a spirit that is not afraid. Well, maybe a little afraid of the thumb. We believe in obedience to law, except for the ones concerning money laundering, because they hinder recruiting. We believe in the human touch, even if we have to pay for it at seedy Pensacola strip clubs. We believe in our Country, because it is a land of freedom, and where else on Earth could a man wearing a gold chain earn two million dollars a year losing football games? And because Alabama men and women believe in these things, We believe in Alabama (football) and love it, when we are winning. And when we don't, we throw water bottles at opposing players."


At 3:18 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey D. King. You are a hypocrite. Auburn has been on more probation than any team in recorded history. Also, out of all this winning you are speaking of, where is your national championship genius? Also, we talk about the past, because we actually have a past to speak of bud. Also, why do you Lee County rednecks say Jerden Hare Stadium, when it is spelled Jordan? Geez. Also, I'm not your average fan. Just a graduate from there and have a masters, before you try to insult my intelligence. Later poor Auburn soul.


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