Sunday, November 26, 2006

Monday Morning Look Back

So we are down to the final week of the regular season. My oh my, did this season ever fly by. On to my recap of the past week and weekend in college football:
  • LSU notched its 2nd consecutive huge SEC road win. Definitely not the dominating performance that we had seen in the past from the Bengal Tigers.
  • I actually hated to see the Razorbacks loose - I think they were the SEC's only hope to have a team play for the national title. Casey Dick was absolutely horrible and I don't understand why Nutt didn't insert Mitch Mustain at some point.
  • Even in the loss, Darren McFadden and Felix Jones were both electrifying. The Wildcat formation is extremely fun to watch.
  • I'm still dumbfounded as to why the Hogs on 4th down and short twice attempted to throw the football. I just don't think the LSU D stops McFadden on a 4th and short situation.
  • Florida and Florida State was an extremely boring game to watch. I'm amazed at how awful FSU's offense has become.
  • After watching the Florida State game and reflecting on Tim Tebow's year, I'm not convinced that he is going to be a superstar that I initially though he could be.
  • I find it amazing that Florida finished the year 11-1 with the amazingly tough schedule it played.
  • Apparently, the Egg Bowl was a barn burner, but I don't think anyone outside of the 50,000+ in attendance got to see this one. In all honesty, I don't think too many folks were very concerned with the game.
  • Kentucky gave Tennessee one hell of a game. Outside of Arkansas, Kentucky just might have been the SEC's biggest surprise.
  • If it is not Kentucky, then surely Georgia was the SEC's second biggest surprise as the Bulldogs struggled much more than people expected this year.
  • Credit to Mark Richt and the Bulldogs though for righting the ship and defeating their two biggest rivals in their last two games.
  • Reggie Ball has to be the most overrated quarterback to make it through the college ranks in a long time. I find it hard to believe that he managed to start for 4 years at Georgia Tech. He owes Calvin Johnson immensely.
  • Huge win for Steve Spurrier and the Gamecocks as they knocked off in-sate rival Clemson. If SEC only gets one team in the BCS (I know, it's not likely to happen), then Bama just might not go bowling this year.
  • Syvelle Newton at South Carolina must be one hell of an athlete. He starts the year at wide receiver, then plays quarterback for 4 games, only to move back to wide receiver and also receive a fair amount of action as a defensive back. He is the epitome of a utility player on the football field.
  • Remember how high Clemson was riding after they knocked off Georgia Tech on ESPN with the Gameday crew in attendance? My how their season took a dive for the worst.
  • Congrats to Wake Forest for closing another chapter on the feel good story for the year. They clearly have a shoot to defeat GA Tech in the ACC Championship game.
  • Anyone else see the BYU - Utah game on CSTV? Had to be the most exciting game of the day with BYU scoring a touchdown with no time left.
  • I'm curious if the Mormons are excited about BYU's bowl trip to Las Vegas. I just don't see the Mormons having a good time in Sin City.
  • I have to agree with the match-up in the BCS Title game if USC beats UCLA this upcoming weekend. In my humble opinion, USC clearly is deserving of the #2 spot.
  • I think that the fact Notre Dame will more than likely play in a BCS bowl is a disgrace to college football. They beat one ranked team this year (if Tech looses to Wake, make it zero ranked teams) and got completely hammered against two of the top three in the country. Notre Dame's body of work is the least impressive of any of the one or two loss teams outside of West Virginia, Louisville, and Rutgers.
  • Let the coaching carousel begin - UNC has already fired and hired a new head man. These schools are now officially in the mix for a new head man - Michigan State, Miami, Iowa Sate, Arizona State, and North Carolina State. Possibilities to join in the mix include Alabama, Florida State, and as a longshot - UCLA. Top candidates for these jobs this year will be Greg Schiano (Rutgers HC), Bobby Petrino (Louisville HC), Rich Rodriguez (West Virginia HC), Jim Grobe (Wake Forest HC), Brian Kelley (Central Michigan HC), Mike D'Anotnio (Cinci HC), Jimbo Fisher (LSU OC), Bo Pelini (LSU DC), Randy Shannon (Miami DC).


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